Coin Dealer 2046
Frank Woodhouse
Occupation Coin and medal dealer
First appearance 10th November 1980
Number of appearances 1
Played by Alan Partington

Frank Woodhouse was a coin and medal dealer based on Water Street who called at 1 Coronation Street to see Albert Tatlock with a view to purchasing his Military Medal, awarded in the First World War. Albert wanted to sell the medal to raise the funds to go to London to lay a cenotaph on Remembrance Day in memory of his old friend Monty Shawcross who had died a few days before. Frank told Albert that the medals were very common and in the past his father had had a drawer full of them that he had purchased for £1 out of pity from old soldiers who had fallen on hard times. He only offered £19 and increased the sum to £21 when pushed. Albert accepted the money to pay for a wreath which he laid on the Manchester cenotaph. Over the next week or so, Ken Barlow saw how unhappy Albert was at having parted from the medal and bought it back from Frank.

Credited as "Coin Dealer", the character was named in dialogue in Episode 2049 (19th November 1980)

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