Fred Chapman was a coarse, aggressive and bullying builder who worked on the construction of the Mark Brittain Warehouse in the early months of 1971. Fred seemed not to care who he upset with his comments, such as Betty Turpin when he made insulting remarks about her size when buying a pint from her in the Rovers. Despite the best efforts of the council and its councillors Len Fairclough and Alf Roberts to keep the matter quiet, he also blurted out in the pub that the building he was working on was not replacement flats for the demolished Maisonettes but instead was a warehouse. Most of the residents were horrified and began a protest campaign. Fred didn't help matters by threatening both Emily Nugent and Lucille Hewitt with violence should a planned protest go ahead. When the ladies organised a sit-in at the entrance to the site, Fred ordered a digger forward, despite Len's entreaties, and it emptied its contents over the young girl's feet. Maggie Clegg, for one, had had enough and banned Fred and his colleagues from the Corner Shop and Irma Barlow, for good measure, slammed a broom onto his foot as revenge for Lucille.

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