Fred Olliphant was a candidate for the post of Community Centre caretaker. In March 1974, Mr Olliphant and his wife had an interview before the committee, consisting of Mr Rogers, Alf Roberts, Ernest and Emily Bishop and Vera Hopkins.

After the lengthy interview, Mr Olliphant left the room in a foul mood, and advised the waiting Stan and Hilda Ogden not to accept any water as it was filthy and remarked that he wouldn't touch the job with a bargepole. His words did not dampen the Ogdens' enthusiasm, and they were relieved to have one less competitor to worry about. As a result of the Olliphants' interview, in which Mrs Olliphant hadn't been able to get a word in, the panel decided to see the Ogdens separately.

The character was credited as "Mr Olliphant". His first name was given in dialogue.