Freda Burgess is the deaf niece of the late-Ernest Bishop. In August 2005, Freda came to visit her aunt Emily, but got a frosty reception from Emily's lodger Norris Cole, who thought she had only come for money from Emily but was impressed with her ability to lip-read. Freda helped Emily when she fell down the stairs and sprained her ankle, but left Coronation Street when she had had enough of Norris and the way he was treating her.

In March 2006, Freda visited to support Emily, who had just found out that her friend Ed Jackson was the man who shot Ernie dead in 1978. Emily was suffering a crisis of faith as she couldn't bring herself to forgive Ed or go to church, where she would have to face Ed as well as God.

In July 2009, Freda arrived back on the Street. She revealed to Emily that she was engaged, but her activist fiancé St. John was in prison in Australia for punching a policeman during a political rally. She took a dislike to Emily's new friend Ramsay Clegg (Norris' half-brother) because she found him annoying - he was always too eager to please. Norris was thrilled, as he disliked his brother as well and felt they both had something in common. After staying a few days, Freda left again.

Freda turned up again in November after losing her job. She revealed to Emily that Mrs Firth, the woman she was working for was horrible to her, so she got her revenge by stealing her prosthetic leg. Emily didn't like this and said it was theft. However, Graeme Proctor found it amusing. Freda got Graeme to dispose of the leg as it was reported in the newspaper, and she didn't want to get caught for stealing it.

She started entering competitions with Norris, and they each won £1,000. They split the money between them and Freda left to put the £500 on a house for herself.

As of June 2013, Freda lived at 16a Turnham Street, Edinburgh. When Emily had a fall and sprained her ankle, Freda sent her flowers and a get-well-soon card. In January 2018, it was revealed that Emily had returned to the United Kingdom from her extended stay in Peru, in order to look after an unwell Freda in Edinburgh.

Freda was only credited by her full name in Episode 7215 (23rd November 2009). In all other appearances, she was credited as Freda.

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