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Freddie Smith
Freddie Smith
Occupation Mechanic at Webster's Autocentre
Born Prior to 1952
Residence 9 Coronation Street
Spouse(s) Sadie Smith (deceased)
First appearance 11th March 2016
Duration 2016 to present
Number of appearances 59 (as of Episode 9122)
Played by Derek Griffiths

Freddie Smith was the widowed husband of Sadie Smith, an old and valued customer of Audrey's salon. When Sadie died unexpectedly, Freddie asked for Kylie Platt to do her nails for the funeral. Not knowing this was the reason for the appointment, when Kylie arrived at his home she was horrified to see Sadie's dead body lying in the coffin in the living room. After running out of the house, Freddie spoke to the young girl who then convinced herself to do Sadie's nails.

In April, Kylie invited Freddie to attend Harry Platt's christening. During the service however, mother Sarah broke down and ran away when Harry wouldn't stop crying. Freddie then asked Audrey Roberts "if this happens at every christening?". The following month, Kylie asked Kevin Webster to give Freddie a job at Webster's Autocentre. Kevin obliged and gave him the job.

In July, Freddie went to the Rovers for a drink with Audrey, but upon leaving, the pair were shocked to see a dying Kylie in the middle of the street with David Platt holding her in his arms. While David waited for an ambulance, Freddie and Audrey kept an eye on their children Max and Lily. Days later, Kylie's funeral was conducted at St. Mary's Church and officiated by vicar Billy Mayhew, where Kylie's family and friends were in attendance. Following the burial, Freddie and the other mourners gathered in the Rovers for Kylie's wake.

Freddie found out in October that a favourite nightclub of his, the Zambezi was closing down and invited Audrey to the farewell do, but she ended up turning down his offer. While talking to Rita Tanner, he found out that she had worked as a dancer there at the same time as Freddie worked on the door. Following the night out, Audrey suggested that she and Freddie went dancing, but Freddie felt nervous about the idea as he was uncoordinated when it came to dancing. While at work at the garage, Norris Cole came over and offered to teach him but this soon ended in disaster when Freddie tripped over Tyrone Dobbs's toolbox and broke his wrist. Audrey offered him a bed at her house while he recuperated, but Freddie temporarily stayed at No.9 despite the already large occupancy.


"Come on through" (First line, to Kylie Platt).

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