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Freshco is the main supermarket in Weatherfield and is used by the residents of Coronation Street. Formerly known as Bettabuys and Firman's Freezers it is unclear whether this was a take over or just a rebrand. Employees of the supermarkets included Reg Holdsworth, Curly Watts, Andy McDonald, Anne Malone, Alma Baldwin, Izzy Armstrong and Hayley Patterson.

Freshco was last seen on our screens in 2002. Notable storylines involving Freshco's were Linda Sykes brother Sean and his mate Lenny Larkin holding Mike Baldwin, Alma, Ken Barlow, Fred Elliott and Ashley Peacock hostage in an armed raid in October 2000 .

Frescho FastTrackEdit

First introduced in 2011, Frescho FastTrack is a convenience store version of Freshco's supermarket, it was first mentioned on 21st February by Dev Alahan, who stated that a store had opened near one of his shops in Manchester.

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