The unnamed Furniture Salesman attended to the Ogdens in May 1982 when they went to buy a new three-piece suite. Stan went under duress - and in his best suit - with Hilda determined to make a good impression and £25 in their pockets from Eddie Yeats to go towards their £56 deposit.

Hilda found one that she loved though Stan thought the price of £299 was a bit dear. Hilda joined the salesman in praising the quality of the item, excusing Stan as not being very domesticated and claiming that his hobby was golf, rather than the claimed pastime of supping ale. She asked for HP and the salesman took their details but their joint profile of him being a self-employed window cleaner (who refused to reveal the sum of his earnings) and her a domestic, neither of them having a bank account, did not lead to a good credit rating. The salesman said that he had to have a word with his manager but Hilda could see the writing on the wall and realised that her dream of having something from the material world wasn't going to come true.