Gail's Solictor 2
Gail’s Solictor
Occupation Solicitor
First appearance 20th May 2010
Last appearance 10th June 2010
Number of appearances 10
Played by Jake Norton

The Solicitor assigned to Gail McIntyre when she was on trial for the supposed murder of husband Joe, a charge she was innocent of. He attended the first meeting between Gail and her barristers, Mr Hughes and Ms Waller, when Gail was told in stark terms of the way in which the prosecution team would paint the picture of the McIntyres' marriage.

He later broke the bad news to Gail that she had been set up by Tracy Barlow into making a false confession and tried to keep Gail calm during Tracy's false testimony in the trial at Weatherfield Crown Court as he sat on the barristers bench. He was likewise present when Gail was found "not guilty".

List of appearancesEdit


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