Police Constable Gareth Underwood arrived at the scene in September 2011 when Carla Connor crashed her car into the bookies and ran down Stella Price. He interviewed Carla's fiancée Frank Foster, who was in the passenger seat. Frank claimed he was driving the car in a bid to protect her. After taking the statement from Frank, he said he would need to interview Carla. Before she was interviewed, Frank told her to back up his statement by lying that he was driving. Underwood also interviewed Peter Barlow who was at the scene of the accident. Karl Munro, Stella's boyfriend, butted in and angrily told the officer that Frank was the only one to blame. When Stella regained consciousness the following day, PC Underwood asked her what she could remember and she told him that she did not see who was driving. Carla later confessed to Peter that she was driving and when Peter was talked to again, he decided to protect her by saying Frank was the driver. Frank was then told that he would have to come to the police station to make a final statement.

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The character was credited as "PC Underwood" when he first appeared in Episode 7684, and "PC Gareth Underwood" in his further appearances.