Gary (2007)
Occupation Student
First appearance 30th April 2007
Last appearance 25th May 2007
Number of appearances 2
Played by Jarrod Cooke

When Violet Wilson and Sean Tully went for a night on the town in April 2007, Violet found herself being chatted up by Gary, but feeling uncomfortable with the situation, she persuaded Sean that they should leave and they headed back to the Rovers. After some words of encouragement from Michelle Connor, they went back to the bar to find Gary and his friends at by the end of the evening, Violet and Gary had swapped mobile numbers.

Over the next few days, Violet was disappointed that Gary hadn't been back in touch with her but within a couple of weeks he sent her a text to arrange a second date and the pair arranged to meet up in the Rovers so he could meet Violet's friends and the evening started off smoothly, with Gary revealing that he was on a gap-year and wanted to travel around India. However, it wasn't long before Violet turned the topic of conversation around to babies and, realising that Violet was looking for something more than just a casual relationship, Gary made his excuses and left the pub.

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