Gary 3128 9
First appearance 1st October 1990
Last appearance 3rd October 1990
Number of appearances 2
Played by John Thomson

Gary was a biker who turned up in Coronation Street to trade with Jim McDonald for an oil pump for a DT-175X. Jim had recently set up a motorcycle scrap yard in the back of No.11 and advertised in the Gazette. Directed to the Rovers by Percy Sugden due to Liz McDonald working there, Gary and his mates Greg and Terry waited for Jim there. Alec Gilroy was pleased with the extra trade Jim's new business was bringing, but not so impressed with their drinks of choice - two shandys and a half of orange squash, as Gary was on tablets.

A few days later, while once again drinking at the Rovers, Gary offered to buy Mavis Wilton a Tequila sunrise. Taking her usual medium sherry to her table, Mavis told Emily Bishop that she'd been chatted up at the bar, which Emily dismissed as a fanciful tale.

The part of Gary was a pre-Jesse Chadwick role for actor John Thomson, credited here as "John Patrick Thomson".

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