Gary Pearce
Gary Pearce
First appearance 25th October 1976
Number of appearances 1
Played by Ian Martin

Gary Pearce was one of two schoolboys, along with Nigel Johnson, who went round the Street collecting a “penny for the Guy” for the forthcoming bonfire night. Bet Lynch had found Hilda Ogden’s tatty rain mac left on the bench in the gap between No’s. 5 and 7 and, knowing full well who it belonged to, gave it to the boys to put on their Guy. Elsie Howard then allowed the boys into the Rovers after hearing their rendition of a traditional Lancashire "Cob-coaling" song and collect money there. The regulars recognised the mac and laughed at Hilda’s embarrassment. Stan was the one that she directed her wrath at until, unable to take any more, he left home, disappearing for a short time before Hilda found him living at the home of her brother, chip-shop owner Norman Crabtree.

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