Gary Strauss was an American GI who turned female heads whenever he appeared in Weatherfield in the late 1960s and early 1970s.

In 1967 Gary briefly dated Elsie Tanner despite being twenty years younger than her. It was through Gary that Elsie found out that her wartime sweetheart, Steve Tanner, was posted to Burtonwood. After reconnecting, Elsie and Steve married in September that year.

When he next returned to the area in September 1968, Gary dated Lucille Hewitt, and as a result ended up fighting a jealous Gordon Clegg. As she'd been hoping to provoke a reaction from Gordon, Lucille then finished with Gary to take up with Gordon.

A few weeks later, Steve was murdered after being pushed down a flight of stairs. Gary and GI Joe Donelli gave each other alibis to protect each other, although Gary didn't realise that Joe had actually killed Steve while arguing over money Joe owed Steve. An inquest was held but the jury returned an open verdict, leaving the case unresolved as the GIs left the area for a post in Hamburg.

Gary paid his final visit to the Street in 1970, when Major Ryan sent him and Gregg Flint to Weatherfield to search for Joe Donelli, who had gone AWOL. While in the area, Gary enjoyed a mild flirtation with Bet Lynch.

Gary and Gregg quickly located Joe, but found he had no intention of returning to the army. When details about Joe's violent history came to light, Gary remembered he'd covered for Joe and worried about the safety of Irma Barlow, who Joe was now seeing. Their suspicions were confirmed when Joe realised they were onto him and took Minnie Caldwell and later Stan Ogden hostage inside No.5. The soldiers and the local police then tried to negotiate with Joe but he ignored them and then turned his gun on himself, ending the siege.

Before leaving Weatherfield for good, Gary and Gregg threw a farewell party at the Rovers.

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