Gary Turner
Occupation Student
Father Eric Turner
First appearance 29th April 1974
Last appearance 8th May 1974
Number of appearances 4
Played by Michael Duggan

Gary Turner was a 17-year-old A-level student who came to Coronation Street to visit his aunt Gertie Robson at the Community Centre flat in April 1974.

Gary was preparing to sit his exams and leave school, following which he intended to take a course in catering management. However, his parents disapproved of his career choice and tried to push him towards professional football, as he had been playing in amateur teams since he was a boy. After a row on the subject with his father Eric Turner, Gary went to stay with Gertie, with whom he got on better than his parents. Turning up at his aunt's door with a box of chocolates from The Kabin, Gary was allowed to stay at the flat for a while on the condition that he told his parents where he was.

Gary was a polite and courteous lad, stopping to talk to several Coronation Street residents as he went about his business, including Annie Walker when he saw her at the post office.

As he was settling into the Street, Gary received a visit from his dad who passed onto him a football magazine and gave him a contract to sign for The Rovers, a first division team, urging him to be sensible and consider the difference it could make to his parents as well as himself. Having already decided to get a degree before choosing between catering and football, Gary turned down the offer, but Eric later returned with talent scout Bob Maskell, who increased his offer for Gary by 25% with the promise of rewarding Gertie financially for Gary to live with her. Gary seriously considered this offer, seeming to make up his mind to sign up after Albert Tatlock warned him about the scandal mongering David Barlow faced and his having to retire from football after breaking his leg in a charity match. However, Gertie told him she didn't want the money offered to her and urged him to make his decision based on what he wanted. Gary ultimately decided not to sign the contract. He left the Street soon afterwards.

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