Gas board official 3158
Gas Board Official
First appearance 10th December 1990
Number of appearances 1
Played by Tony Capstick

The Gas Board Official was sent to Marie Ramsden's flat at Maxton Walk tower block to collect payment for a recent bill in 1990. Marie had ignored the letters from the gas company for the last 12 weeks so they had no choice but to send somebody out to either collect the £90.87 outstanding or install a token meter.

Marie wasn't at home when the official called but she caught him waiting in the close when she got back from the hospital with her infant son Jamie and Don Brennan. As she wouldn't let him in, the official gave her 48 hours to pay the bill or he'd return with a warrant. Sickened, Don paid the man £25 from his own pocket and promised the rest later. Marie was stunned by the gesture and later offered to sleep with Don, but this appalled him further as he just wanted to help the young mother who was struggling to make ends meet.

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