Gavin Moss
Gavin Moss
Occupation Hairdresser
First appearance 1st March 1995
Number of appearances 1
Played by Graham Gill

Gavin Moss was a hairdresser at a gentlemen's salon, who got chatting to Curly Watts while he waited for Reg Holdsworth to have a toupee fitted. Gavin at first assumed Curly was a client waiting to be seen to and remarked that he'd have "hurtled back" if he'd known Curly was there. On learning that Curly was waiting on his friend, Gavin assumed Curly and Reg were a gay couple and remarked that his "friend", Raymond, was actually just an employer. He also commented on Curly's (real) hair, which he thought was a brilliant piece as it was such a bad look that nobody would suspect it wasn't real.

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