Gaynor Burton
Occupation Warehouse worker
First appearance 31st July 1974
Last appearance 28th Aug 1974
Number of appearances 3
Played by Maureen Sutcliffe

Gaynor Burton was one of three women who went to an after-hours drinking session at the Rovers at Billy Walker's invitation in 1974. Billy and Len Fairclough had organised the private bash to cheer Ken Barlow up after the breakdown of his and Janet Barlow's marriage but it was a surprise to Ken and Len when Gaynor, Maureen Hicks and Jean Wilkins walked in, and Billy encouraged them to pair off. The chattiest of the three, Gaynor went off with Ken to the back room, where they stayed until Billy drove the women home at 3.00am.

The next day, Gaynor was late for work at the Mark Brittain Warehouse. As she'd been warned about her timekeeping by manager Edward Pollard twice already, Pollard asked the warehouse's new Executive Administrative Assistant - Ken - to have a word with her instead, as the alternative was to sack her. Ken had no idea that Gaynor worked with him and was dumbstruck when "Mrs Burton" arrived at his office. Quickly composing himself, Ken dealt with Gaynor professionally, only mentioning their dalliance the night before to say that he wanted to separate his private life from his working life. Gaynor promised not to be late again and the matter was resolved.

One month later, a colleague of Gaynor's, Peggy Barton, led the workforce in a fight against the management for union representation. Gaynor, Jean and Maureen were present at a meeting where Ken and Peggy debated the need for a union. Although Peggy fought hard for her colleagues and got them a union, many including Gaynor showed little interest in the proceedings. After their victory, Gaynor admitted to her friends that she didn't know what it all meant.

Gaynor had short blonde hair and was described by Mr. Pollard as "one of the women who brings round the trolleys" at the warehouse. She worked in packing.

List of appearancesEdit


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