When Les Battersby (posing as a record mogul called "Clint") was smitten with Weatherfield Arms barmaid "Lulu"(aka Cilla Brown) in October 2003, he asked for a date which was granted on the basis that Les brought along someone for her mate, Gaynor Slack. Kirk Sutherland refused so Les cajoled Tyrone Dobbs into accompanying him but when they entered the pub, Tyrone bottled out at the sight of an older woman and ran off. Gaynor herself saved the night by refusing to play gooseberry to Les and Cilla and took herself off to The Feathers. It wasn't long before Cilla and Les ended up in bed but he shot off quickly into the night as he was wearing an electronic tag after his recent imprisonment for his attack on policeman Mick Hopwood and 7.00pm was his curfew time. "Lulu" asked Gaynor for helping in tracking "Clint" down and she suggested they ask "Arms" regular Claude Beasley who easily identified Les as a cab driver for Street Cars.