Geoffrey Hunter
Occupation Public Relations Manager
First appearance 10th March 1971
Number of appearances 1
Played by Alan Tucker

Geoffrey Hunter was a public relations manager employed by the Mark Brittain Warehouse in March 1971 to try and win over the aggrieved residents of Coronation Street who did not want the large, looming warehouse built on the site of the demolished maisonettes.

Young, good-looking and smooth-talking, he did his homework beforehand superbly and knew most of the background, jobs and foibles of the residents. He offered Lucille Hewitt a voucher for clothing from the warehouse which she refused. He recognised Emily Nugent as church worker and could name all of Albert Tatlock’s war medals. He also put in a huge order at the Corner Shop pointing out that they would get a lot more from the warehouse workers in the future. He further said that Stan and Hilda Ogden could get cleaning and night maintenance jobs there as well as Billy Walker’s Canal Garage getting business from the staff and warehouse due the proximity of its premises.

Just about the only person who wasn't taken in by his smooth chat was Ken Barlow when Geoffrey offered his hand and sympathies for the death of Val that he claimed he had noticed in the papers. Ken refused the handshake and treated his attempts at false empathy with coldness.

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