George worked on the desk of The Bowdon hotel and informed Leanne Battersby (assuming the alias of "Rachel") that her client, Mr Lane, was waiting for her in the bar. Led to believe that her stepdaughter was working at a property exhibition at the hotel, Janice Battersby approached the concierge's desk to ask where the exhibition was taking place. As he was telling her that there wasn't an exhibition being held that day, Janice spotted Leanne with an older gentleman walking towards the lifts to the hotel rooms and sharing a kiss. A furious Janice, who had guessed exactly what she had been up to, confronted Leanne when she came back down from the client's room and as the two women argued, the concierge interrupted to inform "Rachel" that her taxi was ready.

Credited as "Concierge", the character's first name was given in dialogue.