George Barton
Children Peggy Barton
Frank Barton
One other son
First appearance 11th November 1974
Last appearance 20th November 1974
Number of appearances 4
Played by Patrick Troughton

George Barton was the father of Peggy Barton, one-time girlfriend of Ken Barlow's. Having previously done battle in their respective roles as supervisor and shop steward at the Mark Brittain Warehouse three months previously, Ken and Peggy encountered each other again at the Rovers Return in November 1974, by which time Peggy was in a new job with the union. Despite their opposing roles at the workplace, Ken and Peggy respected and liked each other, and so when Ken offered to drive Peggy home, she made him agree to stop for a drink.

When Ken and Peggy arrived at the Barton residence, George and Peggy's brother Frank Barton were engrossed in the football on television and barely looked up although George did recognise Ken's name from earlier. George derided football as a game for schoolgirls, causing Frank to joke that George once had a trial for rugby league and it addled his brains. The next morning, as George got ready for work, Peggy confided in him that she liked Ken, although George did not offer an opinion on the matter.

With his socialist sentiments, George's political leanings could be seen in Peggy in her union work. Ken made a few more visits to the Barton household while dating Peggy, where he told George and Peggy about his clashes with his boss Edward Pollard about the conflict of interest in dating a member of the union. Ken didn't think that his superiors had any say over his private life but while George didn't disagree in principle, he made Ken see that he was being naive.

List of appearancesEdit


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