George Blakeson
George Blakeson
Occupation Fire Inspection Officer
First appearance 24th March 2013
Last appearance 29th May 2015
Number of appearances 2
Played by Simon Smithies

George Blakeson was a fire inspection officer who conducted investigations into two conflagrations in and around vicinity of Coronation Street.

The first was in March 2013 when a major fire erupted at the Rovers resulting in the death of firefighter Toni Griffiths. George looked over the remains and, although he wasn't supposed to discuss or speculate on the matter, he told colleague Paul Kershaw that the fire started in the cellar and was probably electrical. As Jason Grimshaw had been doing work down there, the finger of suspicion pointed at him though Karl Munro later confessed to beginning the blaze deliberately in an effort to get back at his ex-partner Stella Price, the landlady of the pub.

The second fire, in May 2015 was started by Tracy Barlow in 12 Victoria Court, the home of Carla Connor. Although Tracy had malicious intentions towards Carla, the fire was started accidentally when she left a lit candle underneath a lampshade and it caught. Kal Nazir died saving Carla and Amy Barlow from the blaze. George's inspection correctly ascertained that a candle was to blame and he told Carla that a full report would follow. As no one knew of Tracy's presence in the flat before the fire, it was Carla who took the brunt of the blame for the tragedy.

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