George Dixon
George Dixon
Occupation Buyer
First appearance 15th October 1997
Last appearance 26th October 1997
Number of appearances 3
Played by Stephen MacKenna

George Dixon was a buyer-friend of Mike Baldwin who shocked Angie Freeman during her partnership at Underworld by asking her to pose in some of her underwear. Even when he invited her to go abroad with him on a regular basis and hinted that the factory's contract depended on her acceptance, Angie kept in control of the situation but walked out of the potential deal with Dixon, leaving Baldwin furious.

Desperate to win back the contract and failing to get Angie to apologise to Dixon, Mike saw the lecherous buyer himself and told him that Angie was a "game girl". Despite eventually winning the contract, Angie told Mike that she wanted to dissolve their partnership as she didn't trust him.

List of appearancesEdit


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