George Entwistle
George Entwistle
Occupation Insurance agent
First appearance 18th May 1964
Number of appearances 1
Played by Royston Tickner

George Entwistle was an insurance agent who called at 7 Mawdsley Street in May 1964 to help Lily Haddon cash in her mother's policies after Martha Longhurst's death.

Lily and her husband Wilf had expected enough of a pay-out to fund the funeral but George explained that although two of the policies had a £10 face value they had been made into open policies some time back and Martha hadn't maintained the payments. A third netted more and the three overall came to £22, 7s and 6d but a deduction had to be made of 2s, 11d dating from non-payment at the time of the General Strike in 1926 meaning that his company were only able to pay out £22, 4s and 9d. He left saying that he would bring the money round the next day and telling Lily that her mother had had a very good name in the neighbourhood.

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