George Freeman
George Freeman
Occupation The Hour Glass bar owner
First appearance 14th February 1997
Number of appearances 1
Played by Duggie Brown

George Freeman was the owner of The Hour Glass bar who rarely visited his premises, preferring to leave the work to Liz McDonald. He turned up on one night in February 1997 supposedly on “business”, telling Liz to replace a broken mirror as it didn’t look good and to make sure everyone kept a smile on their face. The business turned out to be to meet recently-released gangster Fraser Henderson who was attracted to Liz and bought the bar outright from Freeman. Liz, unaware of Fraser’s true reputation told policeman Alan McKenna about the deal, unaware that Alan was using her to get information on and entrap Henderson.

The character was played by actor and stand-up comic Duggie Brown who in real life was the brother of Lynne Perrie (Ivy Brennan).

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