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George greenwood
George Greenwood
Occupation Park keeper
Spouse(s) Agnes Greenwood
First appearance 1st January 1968
Last appearance 7th July 1971
Number of appearances 11
Played by Arthur Pentelow

George Greenwood was keeper of Oakenshaw Park with whom Hilda Ogden had platonic relationship when they first met in January 1968. They chatted near to his hut where he was kept company by his blue budgie that he named Winston. George later got Hilda a budgie which she named Mabel and kept with Winston.

George's wife Agnes was used to George meeting women at the park but, knowing that nothing would ever come of his dalliances, enjoyed having George treat her well to alleviate his guilt. When Agnes found Hilda's scarf in George's shed, she returned it to Stan Ogden and advised him to get Hilda to spoil him. Hilda stopped seeing George as she feared she would drive Stan into another woman's arms.

Three years later, George and Hilda met again when George judged flowers and veg at the Community Centre flower show. George told Hilda that Agnes had died in the interim. Stan tried to win with an orchid, but unfortunately for him George recognised it as one stolen from the park. Albert Tatlock won on cabbages, dahlias and geraniums but lost out on roses, although he thought that nobody else's entries were a patch on what he had grown at his allotment.

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