George hepworth
George Hepworth
First appearance 2nd July 1984
Last appearance 31st October 1984
Number of appearances 5
Played by Richard Moore

George Hepworth was engaged to be married to Audrey Potter in 1984. The engagement happened during one of Audrey's periods away from the Street and led to her return to introduce George to Gail, Brian and Ivy Tilsley. Gail found it hard to get excited as George was the latest in a long line, but he seemed to make Audrey happy.

When Gail babysat Nicky while the Tilsleys went to the Rovers' talent show, George slipped out of the pub and called on her with wine. He told Gail he fancied her and tried to get fresh with her, and she had to fight him off. With the wedding approaching, Gail told Audrey who shrugged off the affair, telling Gail she must have encouraged George.

In October, Audrey returned to Weatherfield with the news that the wedding hadn't gone ahead and she'd finished with George as he was more interested in younger women that her. George called at No.5 to get hold of Audrey as she'd kept the engagement ring he'd bought her and £500 of his savings which was invested under Audrey's name as a tax dodge, but when Brian caught him in the house he threw him out and warned him to stay away from Gail. George laughed off his threat, telling Brian that what had gone on between him and Gail was his word against hers.

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