George livesley
George Livesey
Occupation Businessman
First appearance 30th January 1978
Last appearance 1st February 1978
Number of appearances 2
Played by Graham Weston

George Livesey was a potential customer of Mike Baldwin's, who Bet Lynch fancied when she was introduced to him at the club, having previously refused to help Mike entertain him. Eager to complete a business deal with him, Mike was forced to lend George his car to take Bet home but having consumed the best part of three bottles of wine, he knocked a man down in Parrswood on his way home and Bet was also slightly injured when she hit her head against the windscreen.

Bet and Mike both tried to make George contact the police but he refused at first, revealing that he lost his licence six months previously. After Mike forced him to go to the police, George told him that he'd lost the order but a crafty Baldwin turned the tables on his business "partner" by threatening to tell his wife that he'd taken Bet out.

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