George Marsden
George Marsden
Sibling(s) Daisy Hibbert
First appearance 4th August 1980
Last appearance 6th August 1980
Number of appearances 2
Played by Keith Marsh

George Marsden was the uncle of Renee Roberts and the brother of her mother, Daisy Hibbert.

He and his sister came to Weatherfield for the funeral of his niece in August 1980. Along with Daisy, he questioned widower Alf about the car accident in which Renee had died and wasn’t pleased when Daisy asked out loud - but outside of Alf's hearing - why God always took the wrong ones. Nevertheless he was in the Rovers later with a half a pint and overheard the regulars arguing about Alf’s breathalyser test which up until then he hadn’t known about. He came back to the Corner Shop and told Daisy to prevent her hearing from gossips. She became hysterical and told her brother that Alf had killed her “baby”. George became angry with her when she claimed to know about Alf’s selfish motive in marrying Renee in that he just wanted a housekeeper and that in recent calls Renee had confessed to her unhappiness. He told her not to cause trouble and just get through the day without making a scene. She made it almost to the end of the day but couldn’t help herself and upon leaving tearfully asked Alf why he couldn’t have died instead of Renee. An embarrassed George drove her back to her home in Lancaster.

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