George Scully
George Scully
Occupation Landlord
First appearance 29th January 1973
Last appearance 14th February 1973
Number of appearances 4
Played by Alan Gerrard

George Scully was an unscrupulous landlord who rented out seedy bedsits to desperate people. One of them was Lucille Hewitt who in January 1973 had had enough of living under Annie Walker's roof with her controlling ways and walked out on her. Suitcase in hand, she wandered the streets looking at one bedsit after another until she came to one at 21b Marsland Road in Mossley Range. The place was dingy, damp and unwelcoming but despite that Lucille was forced to agree to pay £6.50 per week to rent one room from Scully. She determined to try and make the place as homely as possible and put a poster of Marc Bolan on the wall and started to paint a battered old chest of drawers a fashionable shade of purple. When Scully visited her to see how she was getting on, he hit the roof over this piece of decoration, saying she should have asked permission and wasn't over pleased at the drawing pins she had used to pin her poster to the wall. She reluctantly agreed to ask his permission in future though found him unwilling to reciprocate when she asked him to have a faulty light-switch fixed.

Lucille found herself desperately lonely in the bedsit and Elsie Howard came to her rescue, offering her a place under her and Alan's roof, though he wasn't so willing. When Scully found she was leaving, he confiscated her suitcase claiming that she owed him £4 for damage to an element of an electric heater although she claimed that she hadn't used it.

Lucille did decamp to 11 Coronation Street and although Alan wasn't pleased to have her there, neither was he happy to hear of her treatment at the hands of Scully. He went to Marsland Road and threatened Scully with the police unless he handed over the item within ten minutes. Scully, used to bullying people of less substance than Alan, handed over the case just as Lucille returned to ask for her room back, however Alan gave in and allowed her to live with him and Elsie.

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