Georgie Regan
Occupation Bailiff
First appearance 14th November 2011
Last appearance 6th April 2012
Number of appearances 3
Played by Mark Sheals

Georgie Regan was a bailiff who turned up at 5 Coronation Street in November 2011 demanding money from Chesney Brown. Chesney was in a bad state as his beloved great dane Schmeichel was seriously ill and lost his temper when he tried to enter the house. Owen Armstrong rushed over to the doorstep when he saw the struggle and recognised Georgie from his earlier years, having been in the building trade with him in Wigan. Owen consoled him by paying him £50 in order to protect Chesney and his own daughter Katy.

In April 2012, Georgie turned up at the Rovers Return looking for Karl Munro who had unpaid debts of over £3,000. His presence proved a shock for Karl's partner Stella Price who in Karl's absence was forced to pay the debt, which included Eva Price even borrowing takings from Nick's Bistro to help out.

Credited simply as "Bailiff" in all his appearances, his name was revealed in dialogue.

List of appearancesEdit



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