Gerry Duggan (born 1909 in Dublin, died 27th March 1992 in Sydney, Australia) appeared in Coronation Street in May 1965 as a Postman.

He moved to New York when he was sixteen and later on to Australia though he continued to work internationally.

He also appeared in The Odd Man , Emergency-Ward 10, Ghost Squad, No Hiding Place, The Wednesday Play, Weavers Green and The Saint.

Following his permament move to Australia in the late 1960s, he then appeared in Riptide, Skippy, Number 96, Division 4, Matlock Police, The Sullivans, Skyways, Young Ramsay, The Flying Doctors and A Country Practice.

His film appearances include The L-Shaped Room (alongside Patricia Phoenix), The Servant, Goldfinger, Ned Kelly and The Devil's Playground.

Stage roles included Samuel Beckett's The Old Tune in 1964 and the 1966 London revival of Joe Orton's Loot.

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