Giles Alexander
Giles Alexander
Occupation Record Producer
First appearance 30th August 2002
Number of appearances 1
Played by Uncredited

Giles Alexander shopped at the expensive, trendy furniture store Elevation where Karen McDonald briefly worked from July to September 2002.

Karen was out of her depth with the snobby, bullying co-workers in the store, among the worst being Chloe Bebbington. She set Karen up by pointing out that a customer was eating a hamburger in the store, something that manager Jay Rodgers detested and she had better sort it out before he returned. Karen duly confronted the customer only to be smartly reprimanded by Jay who had witnessed the altercation and informed her that the scruffy-looking man was Giles Alexander, one of the most important record producers in the country. Karen quickly realised what Chloe had done to her. Nevertheless, she swallowed her pride and boasted to her "friends" in the Rovers about the rich and important people she was serving, including Giles. Needless to say, Karen's former co-workers at knicker factory Underworld had never heard of the man

The character of Giles was a non-speaking role and was therefore uncredited.

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