Giles Platting
First appearance 19th June 1972
Last appearance 21st June 1972
Number of appearances 2
Played by Trevor Adams

Giles Platting was an artsy friend of Sue Silcock. In June 1972, Giles met up with Sue in a swanky bar in two occasions, both of which were interrupted by Ray Langton. On their first date, dressed in a striped shirt and necktie, Giles was arranging to paint a portrait of Sue, as he fancied himself an artist, although Sue was sceptical of his talent in the field.

A few days later, Sue and Giles were at the bar when Ray appeared on the scene to tell Sue that her father had made him a job offer at Silcock's Shirts, and press her for an answer to his proposal of marriage. Giles was reluctant to leave at Ray's request, but did so when Sue asked him. Sue then dumped Ray.

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