Ginnie Redman
Ginnie Redman
Occupation Nanny
First appearance 9th April 2003
Number of appearances 1
Played by Gillian Waugh

Ginnie Redman was the third of three candidates for the post of nanny for Joshua Peacock. After the chavvy Madonna Grimes and the warm and caring Claire Casey, the starch and fearsome Ms Redman came as a total contrast. She told Ashley and Fred Elliott that she believed in firm discipline and rules and that a child must "earn" the right to play. Moreover, she wanted no interference with her handling of Joshua and she expected Ashley and Fred to fit into her way of doing things. Despite his usually benevolent nature, Fred took to Ms Redman but Ashley was horrified at the thought of this harridan replacing the loving Maxine as the carer of his child. For the sake of a quiet life, he agreed to Fred's choice but when Claire called back to pick up her left-behind references, he saw how well she interacted with Joshua and offered her the job on the spot.

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