Ginny spencer
Ginny Spencer
Occupation Pub landlady
Children Tracey Spencer
Kim Spencer
First appearance 6th October 1975
Last appearance 8th October 1975
Number of appearances 2
Played by Rosemary Martin

Ginny Spencer was the landlady of the New Old Inn, a recently-built Newton & Ridley house in 1975. Ginny ran the watering hole with her daughters, Tracey and Kim.

In October 1975, the New Old Inn was host to many of the Rovers regulars when a fire at the Mark Brittain Warehouse caused Coronation Street to be evacuated. A refuge was set up at Bessie Street School, but naturally the residents' instinct was to seek out the nearest boozer and set up camp. Ginny learned of the fire from Minnie Caldwell, who along with her faithful pussy Bobby was the first person to arrive. Like everyone else, Minnie had been caught unaware by the evacuation and had nothing for Bobby. Ginny sent Tracey to get the remains of a pint of milk from the fridge to pour into a saucer for the feline.

Later, when Annie Walker arrived at the establishment, Ginny served her a dry sherry on the house. Annie complimented the new pub, remarking that it "suited the area". Knowing precisely what Annie meant, Ginny agreed with her fellow Lady Victualler, remarking that it was much too posh for her neck of the woods.

Coronation Street was still closed off the next day and by this point the regulars had spent their loose change. Ginny gave the refugees credit, allowing them to order food and drink on a slate. This allowed Annie to have the last laugh, knowing that she would never see a penny of the money Stan and Hilda Ogden owed her.

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