Girl Customer 1669
Girl Customer
Occupation Estate Agent
First appearance 12th January 1977
Number of appearances 1
Played by Sally Gibson

The unnamed Girl Customer shopped at Sylvia's Separates in January 1977 where she was served by Gail Potter and the newly-arrived Suzie Birchall who had been appointed by owner Mike Baldwin and who was in a dispute with Gail as to who was in charge at the premises. The girl asked for a tabard tunic similar to one that a friend had recently bought and sensed the conflict that existed between the two shop assistants. She told Suzie that she worked at Dickens and Worsthorne estate agents where they had a similar atmosphere which had recently caused one of the girls there to break down and start screaming in the middle of the office. Gail bought one of the tunics out which Suzie delighted in pointing out was not quite the girl's colour and took over the sale with from Gail.

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