Girl in wine bar 3116
Gine in Wine Bar
First appearance 3rd September 1990
Number of appearances 1
Played by Hilary Tones

The Girl in Wine Bar had her date with Newton & Ridley chief executive Nigel Ridley interrupted by Tina Fowler, recently-sacked barmaid of the Rovers Return, in 1990. Tina had been fired by Bet Gilroy for her repeated lateness and bad attitude which she had adopted since she started dating Nigel. Labouring under the belief that her relationship with Nigel made her unsackable, Tina demanded that Nigel have her reinstated. She at first assumed his lunch with the woman was a business meeting, but when the lady said otherwise, Tina realised that he was two-timing her and started to argue with Nigel. The date ruined, the woman decided to leave, but Tina made her exit first after throwing a glass of wine over Nigel and smashing it against the table.

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