Gladys Mottershead was the buxom landlady of the Deneway Guest House where Colin Fishwick stayed when he came back to Weatherfield from Canada. When Colin died suddenly while arguing with John Stape over the latter’s theft of his identity and John buried his body under the foundations of the rebuilding of Underworld, John’s co-conspirator Charlotte Hoyle worried about Colin’s belongings not being claimed and his disappearance being noticed.

He checked into Deneway himself, claiming he had just come up from Bristol. Gladys told him with more than a hint of suggestion that her husband came from there but he was away and wouldn’t be back until the weekend. John summoned Charlotte there and Gladys wasn’t pleased to see the “competition”. John formulated a plan to wait until Gladys went out, empty Colin’s belongings out of his room and burn it somewhere. The plan went without a hitch and Colin’s passport, bank statements and other items were burnt in woodland at night while Fiz fretted at home over his whereabouts.