Glen 2015
Occupation Salesman
First appearance 14th December 2015
Last appearance 21st December 2015
Number of appearances 2
Played by Joe Tucker

Glen was a man who Anna Windass met on a singles' night. She attended the event with some trepidation but was encouraged to go, and accompanied there, by Erica Holroyd who herself had no intention of hooking up with anyone.

Glen, a trampoline salesman, spoke to several women that night, including a lady named Joanne who later went out with Kevin Webster, but it was Anna who caught his eye and she was initially flattered by his intentions though she admitted to Erica and Kevin that he was bit full of himself.

With no one else in the offing, Anna agreed to meet Glen for a date and they went to Nick's Bistro where he proceeded to bore her to tears with talk about his ex-wife who had walked out on him after seventeen years of marriage saying that her pulse didn't race when he walked into the room. His subject of conversation then moved on to his athletic prowess but Anna was more interested in watching Kevin and Joanne who, by coincidence, had gone on their date to the same establishment and were sat at a nearby table.

At the end of the night, Anna told Glen that she didn't think it was going to work out though she denied that she was more interested in Kevin, though her constant looks towards her neighbour told a different story.

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