Glen Jarvis was the owner of a Dutton Mellos classic kit car that caught Steve McDonald's eye when he took one of the Street Cars cabs into Websters' Auto Centre one day in November 2014.

Steve had always wanted such a car and wondered how much the owner would take for it, not knowing that Glen had just arrived, overheard the comment, and said that he was open to offers. Steve tried haggling with him over the price but Glen wasn't interested in doing so, saying they weren't in Marrakesh, and that the car was worth the asking price. Kevin Webster told him to be beware of impulse buying as he had only changed the headlights on it and not looked under the bonnet but admitted that it was a bit of fun. Steve's girlfriend, Michelle Connor, passing the garage, said that the car looked like it had fallen out of a cornflake packet but this only served to steel Steve's resolve and on-the-spot he agreed a £2,200 price with Glen who left to sort out the paperwork.