Glyn Knight
Glyn Knight
First appearance 18th February 1985
Last appearance 20th February 1985
Number of appearances 2
Played by Brian Grellis

Glyn Knight was an antiques dealer who Ken Barlow contacted when he and Deirdre decided to sell Albert Tatlock's old sideboard. Mr Knight viewed the piece with Deirdre and talked down its value, saying that most folk would not be interested in it and offering her £100. Beattie Pearson however had already offered £200, making Ken and Deirdre realise that it might have more value than they had previously thought. Deirdre turned down his offer and upped him to £400.

He collected the sideboard the next day and gave the Barlows a cheque, making snobby comments that the piece was meant for more gracious surroundings than a back street terrace. Deirdre got her own back by spinning a yarn that they had also sold various china figurines of shepherdesses with a fancy German name (i.e. Dresden china) that Albert collected to a local junk shop. Mr Knight's face paled at the thought while Ken looked on with amusement.

Credited as "Mr Knight", the character's first name was given in dialogue.

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