Glyn thomas
Glyn Thomas
Occupation Hotel manager
First appearance 4th June 1973
Last appearance 11th July 1973
Number of appearances 12
Played by Alan David

Glyn Thomas took over the Rovers as relief manager when Annie Walker went to stay with her daughter Joan in June 1973. Glyn was after a pub of his own and tried out a few ideas designed to increase takings and thus impress the Newton & Ridley bosses.

On his arrival, the balding, bespectacled man made a priority of winning over barmaids Betty Turpin and Bet Lynch, which he did by being more flexible with their hours and by doing away with Betty's position as senior barmaid. He also tried to make a good impression on the regulars, although Norma Ford was very surprised when he suggested he buy her a drink and then charged her for her order!

Once he settled in, Glyn started making a few changes to the pub. The first was a one-armed bandit in the Public, which went down well - perhaps too well in the case the Albert Tatlock, who spent his housekeeping on it. Glyn's masterplan was to enlarge the Public into the Select, which was hardly used due to drinks being 1p more expensive. To lure the regulars into the Select, Glyn put on entertainment including a pop group and later an organist, Renee Delafonte. Just before Annie was due to return, Glyn organised a concert in the Select and charged an entrance fee which, on top of the price difference, meant that takings were higher than they'd been on one night for a while. Glyn was satisfied with this but not everyone accepted his means of getting more money out of the regulars - Councillor Len Fairclough called him out on it and chastised him for not letting Jerry Booth go into the Select in his overalls. Len refused to go into the Select even though his girlfriend Rita Littlewood wanted to go in with him.

When Annie returned shortly thereafter, rumours circulated that she planned to retire. Glyn hoped that the brewery would consider him as a replacement, and hinted at changes including new bar staff and longer licencing hours. However, Annie decided to remain after receiving a petition from 46 regulars telling the brewery that she was their preferred landlord. Recognising Glyn's aptitude for management, the brewery appointed him landlord of a new hotel in Runcorn New Town.

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