The Golf Club Secretary headed the interview panel at Weatherfield Golf Club to find a new steward after the previous incumbent, Bernard Bottomley, died suddenly.

Jack Duckworth put himself and Vera up for the role and Jack found out that club member Mike Baldwin would be on the interview panel after he had plied him with free scotches in the Rovers. Mike was highly amused at the thought of the Duckworths being interviewed for a position that was well out of their league but went ahead with the charade.

During the interview, the secretary alluded to their knowing Mike and Vera tactlessly mentioned that the amount of scotch he had drunk in the Rovers had once led to him being prosecuted by the police. The secretary was puzzled by one fact on their CV: they used to be the owners but now Vera was the cleaner. She expanded on the role, saying she was also advisor and "personal assistant" to the new owner, Natalie Barnes. He asked her if she felt she could easily handle the transition from cleaner to catering manageress and she replied she could. She further hindered their potential by saying that the carpet in the committee room looked as though it hadn't seen a vacuum cleaner for some time. She asked the Secretary when he had last cleaned it and when he replied that he had never vacuumed any carpet in his life, commented tartly that she wouldn't like to go to his house!

Back in the Rovers, Mike told them that they needed someone with catering experience who could handle functions for between 100-150 people, three times a week, though he did assure Vera that her answers in the interview had been a joy to listen to!