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Goodbye Blanche was a special programme that aired on 10th May 2010 on ITV1 between the two editions of Coronation Street, Episode 7336 and Episode 7337, that aired that night. It was a tribute to Blanche Hunt and Maggie Jones and featured extensive short clips from the actress's time in the programme.

Narrated by Denise Welch and sometimes blurring reality and fiction, the accent as much on the character as the actress, and contributors included William Roache, Chris Gascoyne, Katherine Kelly, Anne Kirkbride, Roy Hudd, writer Damon Rochefort, Jane Danson, Sue Nicholls, Malcolm Hebden and David Neilson.

Within the programme there was footage of Maggie's memorial service at Salford Cathedral on 25th February 2010 as well as a clip of her as shoplifter Maggie Monks from Episode 727 (4th December 1967) and also clips from Granada serials Sam and Bulman.

The programme was produced and directed by Sarah Cain and gained 4,700,000 viewers with 37th place in the charts for the week. It was repeated on ITV2 on Tuesday 11th May 2010 at 12.55am and Saturday 15th May at 1.30pm.

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