Gordon Davies
Gordon Davies
Occupation Teacher
Residence 4 Peacock Drive, Derby
Father George Davies
Mother Hilda Davies
Spouse(s) Joan Walker (1961)
First appearance 3rd February 1961
Last appearance 3rd March 1961
Number of appearances 4
Played by Cavan Malone

Gordon Davies was the husband of Joan Davies. A fellow teacher, they had met at college and married in March 1961 at St. Thomas's Church. Gordon had a deep respect for his middle-class parents, refusing to help behind the bar of the Rovers Return as his father would disapprove. Future father-in-law Jack Walker introduced Gordon to drink with various spirits but they had very little effect upon him and instead it was Jack who ended up drunk.

Following the wedding they moved to Derby and, while Joan made infrequent visits back home, Gordon was never seen on Coronation Street again. Joan's parents visited often and on one such visit in 1970, Jack died. After that, Annie Walker went to stay with the Davies many times before she left the street for good.

While Joan expressed reservations about her marriage upon a return visit to Weatherfield in 1963, primarily caused by his wish for her to be a housewife and also his not wanting children, they were still happily married and living at 4 Peacock Drive by the time his Annie began living with them after her retirement in 1984.

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