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Gordon Venables
Gordon Venables
Occupation Enviromental Health Inspector
First appearance 13th September 2004
Number of appearances 1
Played by Robert Austin

Gordon Venables was a stern-faced Environmental Health Inspector who put the opening night of McCarthy's restaurant in doubt when he called unannounced during the day to carry out a final inspection on the premises. Soon after commencing his duties, Roy Cropper called in to make a booking and finding out that Gordon was on the premises, sympathised with Ciaran, telling him that Venables was a stickler devoid of flexibility or a sense of humour. Unfortunately, Gordon overheard the remark and told Roy that a random inspection of his café would be happening very soon! After the inspection, Gordon told Ciaran the results - the kitchen was very impressive with obviously no expense spared…but as he was unable to supply hot water to the kitchen, and boiled-up water would not be acceptable, he would not be allowed to open. Charlie Stubbs carried out a rush job and fixed the problem and Gordon came back telling the chef that it was, “safe to unleash you on the Weatherfield cognoscenti.” A parting gesture was made towards new visitor Fred Elliott who was also promised a future inspection to look at his splash-backs at his Butcher's Shop.

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