Gorton is a suburb of the City of Manchester and lies immediately south-east to the city centre. The district was fully incorporated into the city in 1909 and, like most parts of inner-city Manchester, was almost totally covered by Coronation Street-type terraced housing until the 1960s and early 1970s after which a "slum clearance" programme swept them away.

The Belle Vue Zoological Gardens and Amusement Park were located in Gorton until their closure in 1982 and eventual clearance in 1986.

In March 1985, tiring of hearing Hilda Ogden boasting of her prowess in reading fortunes in tea-leaves, Bet Lynch conspired with Betty Turpin and Wilf Starkey to set her up by making it seem as if her predictions were coming true. Hilda had stated that Wilf would travel east and he later told Hilda he'd been invited to a friend's in Gorton, east of Weatherfield. Soon afterwards, Hilda was upset when she was told of the joke but it backfired on a shocked Bet when her itinerant Uncle Ted appeared - Hilda has predicted that Bet would soon hear from a relative.

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