Graeme Lewis
Graeme Lewis
Occupation Chartered surveyor
First appearance 11th June 2004
Number of appearances 1
Played by Robin Simpson

Graeme Lewis was a chartered surveyor with Rylands & Rylands who came to survey 11 Coronation Street in June 2004.

He explained to bemused tenant Eileen Grimshaw that he'd been instructed to carry out a survey on behalf of the purchaser - Beaumont Estates - and, after letting him into the property, Eileen and her son Todd quickly came to realise that landlord Steve McDonald had sold the roof over their heads without informing them.

After looking around the property and coming back downstairs, Lewis was confronted by Eileen and Todd who inquired as to what was going on since they were living there. An apologetic Lewis explained that he didn't deal with that side of things, advised the Grimshaws to speak with their landlord and offered to see himself out of No.11.

Credited as "Surveyor", the character's full name was given in dialogue.

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