Graham Egerton was a 14-year-old schoolboy who went out with Tracy Barlow for a while in 1990; her first ever boyfriend.

Unlike most of the men who would feature in Tracy's love life, Graham was nerdish, pompous and earnest, but as with the rest, Tracy was besotted with him only for the dramas in her life to spoil things. One of their first "dates" was at Jim's Cafe, where Tracy snappily changed the topic of conversation from their English homework to Ken, asking if he seemed normal to Graham. Graham couldn't answer as he thought she didn't want to talk about school.

The next point on the agenda was for Deirdre to meet Graham. Over at 1 Coronation Street for tea, Graham was on his best behaviour, being exceedingly polite to Deirdre and complimenting her on her burgers. Deirdre tried to find out more about the lad, and was amused when he told her that he was interested in maths and drama but was keeping his options open. Her merriment turned to embarrassment when Graham proferred a commentary on hers and Ken's separation and the amount of marriages being broken up being a sign of the times. Having been unsure whether to let Tracy and Graham be alone in Tracy's room, Deirdre sent the pair there to listen to Tracy's tapes, suggesting that Graham might find Victor Sylvester to his liking.

A week later, while Deirdre was in London Tracy had lunch at Graham's house before bringing him over to have tea at 15a Coronation Street. They were met by an angry Ken, who had booked a matinee as a surprise for Tracy which they had missed due to her being two hours late. Embarrassed, Graham left right away, leaving Tracy annoyed with Ken.

Tracy spent some time with Graeme on 31st December when Deirdre was in Paris with Phil Jennings, and she was still going out with him in May 1991, when they went on a Bank Holiday trip to Alderley Edge.

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